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  Weiss Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a modern furniture manufacturing company integrating Italian original design, production in mainland China and global franchise sales. It is committed to providing customers with healthy, comfortable and stylish software home products. At present, the company has three major product lines: "leather sofa", "leather soft bed" and "alantuer 85 ~ 90" under the "alantuer" brand, which form a product matrix to meet the needs of different consumer age groups. "Alantuer" brand products have been sold in South Korea, and have a number of brand stores; 28 years of product technology accumulation, hundreds of thousands of households praise, for Weiss Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has brought a broader market prospects.

  Integrate Italy's unique Mediterranean style culture with the world's top design celebrities, integrate them into product design and research and development, and create household products that closely follow market demand and exceed customer expectations. The company is based on high-quality Italian imported first-grade yellow leather and has a complete manual process standard. It has accumulated a large number of skilled technicians. In addition to the industry-leading Italian design team, we have stricter control over internal management. From woodworking to packaging, we check every level and every level of inspection. We always regard quality as the eternal foundation of enterprise development. The leaders of Weiss Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. have a long-term vision. They not only continuously introduce automated machinery and cross-border management talents, but also introduce the latest management concepts and management methods at the right time. With the help of professional forces, they can establish a scientific management model and further standardize business operations.

  Lean, efficient, and Weiss-specific management model has been operating well. Being an enterprise is like sailing against the water. "Alantuer" people understand this truth deeply. Therefore, under the sunshine of the 21st century, the "alantuer" people have proposed new development goals: continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. This is the purpose and direction of our work, and it is also our solemn commitment to customers.